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Baby High Chairs - What To Look For. Once the baby can sit comfortable during feeding time, it's time he or she joined the rest of the family at the dining chairs. Baby high chairs are comfortable and safe places for baby to sit during meal time. The only place you're going to find a straight backed wooden chair with plain tray is in an antique shop. While they might make a nice accent for a room, only a teddy bear's going to be happy sitting in them. New baby high chairs now incorporate a reclining back with a built in head support. This is great for babies who want to be part of the meal time action, but often start a nap before dessert comes. A feature in many baby high chairs with reclining backs is the ability to adjust the angle changing the support needed as the baby grows up. This feature will mean you can use the high chair longer.
One important questions is whether or not baby high chairs are safe. If you're looking at high chairs in a store, make sure they have safety seals from various manufacturer or consumer associations. Take a good look at the belt on the high chair. Is it adequate to hold your baby and prevent them from sliding or crawling out of the chair? Newer baby high chairs have have trays with single hand releases. Another new feature is built in cup and bottle holders. Features like those will help prevent a lot food spill accidents.

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